Air Conditioning: Air Handling Unit(AHU)

AHU can be classified as vertical type and horizontal type according to its appearance. Chilled water type and refrigerant type according to cooling medium used. Its products also can be categorized according to various forms such as humidifying type, heating type and body insulation type. But the structure of AHU can be decided if specific to special condition and requirements of each project.

Every type of VIKING AIRTECH brand AHU is customized for uses in accordance with detailed requirements such as customer’s specific requirements, ship structure, heating/refrigeration load, working condition, noise, installation site and maintenance of every project. With the application of VIKING AIRTECH patent technology against cold bridge and air leakage, body insulation panel with high-strength aluminum alloy frame structure, insulation entirely foamed by polyurethane with density 40kg/m3, cutting-proof type flexible vibration eliminators used between fan motor common base and AHU.Therefore, this unit is of no cold bridge, extremely low air leakage coefficient, very fine insulation, steady running and low noise.

Cooling Capacity: 30kW-600kW
Heating Capacity: 10kW-800kW (optional)
Refrigerant: R407C, R417A, R134a, R422A, R718
Air Flow:2000~100000m3/h
Static Pressure:300~3000Pa
Fresh Air Ratio:0~100%

Air Handling
Unit(AHU) N0.1
Air Handling
Unit(AHU) N0.2
Air Handling
Unit(AHU) N0.3
Air Handling
Unit(AHU) N0.4
Air Handling
Unit(AHU) N0.5
Air Handling
Unit(AHU) N0.6