HVAC&R Equipment, Spare Parts & Refrigerants

Our head office is based in Singapore ad we have subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. Most of the companies within our Group can provide timely deliveries and quality product and services to our customers. We also maintain a comprehensive range of replacements parts for after-sales support.

  • Customize design and supply of Air Cooled/Water Cooled Chiller Units, Direct Expansion Condensing Units, Air Handling Units & Fan Coils Units, Split Air Conditioners, Explosion Proof Air Conditioners, Packaged Air Conditioners, Ventilation Fans and accessories.
  • Compressors/condensing units
  • Condenser/Evaporators
  • Valves and Accessories used in refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
  • Pressure, Temperature, Humidity controllers and Thermostats
  • Ducts and accessories (Internals and External Air Terminals)
  • Refrigerant, compressor oils, service equipment and tools used in refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
  • Water Cooled Deck Unit Double Decker AHU
    Explosion Proof Equipment Water Cooled Condensing Unit
    Chilled Water Plant HVAC&R Spare Parts and Air Handling Accessories